Pumpkin Shrimp


Common Name: Pumpkin Shrimp, Sunkist shrimp, Orange shrimp
Scientific name: Neocaridina davidi var. Pumpkin
Maximum Size: 2 – 3 cm (sold at 1 cm and up)
Temperament: Omnivore/Non aggressive
Breeding: Easy
Difficulty: Easy

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Orange Pumpkin shrimp come from the genus Neocaridina and they are a colour morph out of the cherry red shrimp. The coloration of these shrimp is exceptional. The ideal parameters for keep these shrimp are the same as our other Neocaridina shrimp. The Neocaridina Shrimp is undoubtedly the most popular shrimp in the hobby due to the relatively easy ability to breed as well as their ability to live in many different water parameters. Currently, we house two small colonies of orange shrimp. Our grading scale for Orange Neocaridina is the same as Cherry Shrimp. The order of highest to lowest: Painted Orange, Fire Orange, Sakura Orange, and Pumpkin. The higher the grade Orange, the deeper orange the shrimp will be. So, a normal Pumpkin grade shrimp will be mostly orange/yellow while an Painted Orange grade shrimp will completely orange with no flaws. This is the basic grading, the shrimp we sell are Pumpkin grade to Sakura Orange.

Neocaridina Shrimp Care:

Recommended :
PH: 6.2–8.2
TDS: 100–300
Water temp: 18-28C
Our Tanks :
PH : 7
TDS : 120
Temp : 24C
*Note: Our parameters are listed here for your reference only. You do not need to adjust your water to exactly the same; we find stable water is more important than exact parameters. Compatibility Charts and Quick Stats: Meaning

Provide a variety of leaf litter for the shrimp to graze on. Their primary food is the micro-organisms that grows on the submerged leaves. A natural environment with leaf litter, mosses and plants provides the shrimp with everything they need for a staple diet. Feeding commercial foods should be seen giving a treat, not a regular meal. Feed sparingly. Feed fresh leaves such as spinach, nettles and dandelion.

Live Arrival Guarantee:
Should a shrimp die during transport, we will refund the cost of this shrimp. In such a case please inform us within an hour of delivery with a picture of the dead shrimp. If there was extensive damage to the packaging, we would be grateful for a picture of the box as well. Alternatively we will reship at the buyers expense

Please acclimatize them slowly in a container over a period of several hours, mixing your tank water with the water they came in, slowly increasing (drip with airline) the amount of tank water until you have a mixture of 1/3 transport and 2/3 tank water. After that net them out and put them into their new home. It is normal for the shrimp to lose a little colour during transport. Shrimp will lose some colour due to transport, but will colour up after acclimating to their new homes


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