Mini Weeping Moss


Overhanging growth
Dark green hue
Densely ramifying
Attached to 5cm wood disc

Out of stock

Mini Weeping Moss is a very small moss similar looking to Weeping Moss but much smaller. Mini Weeping Moss will grow very compact and looks great draping over a piece of driftwood. Loves to be picked at by a colony of shrimp and will flourish in low or high tech aquariums. Mini Weeping Moss is still a very rare moss that grows slowly.

Position: Tied to rock or Wood, Moss wall, Foreground (fronds planted into substrate)
Hardiness: Easy
Lighting Requirement: Low
Plant Structure: Moss
pH: 6.0 – 8.0
Temperature: 20 – 28° Celsius
Size: Infinite (keeps growing longer)
Growth Rate: Slow
Portion Size: 5cm wood disc

*Please note that all our plants have been grown submerged and are gathered from our own tanks. Follow all regular procedures of adding plants to a established tank or new setup. As these are from established tanks please make sure that you clean plants properly before adding. We will give a salt and peroxide dip before they go.


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