Java Moss


The most popular aquarium moss
Can be used in many ways
Very nice on driftwood

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Taxiphyllum barbieri or java moss as name implies that this plant comes from the island of Java in Indonesia, where it is usually found emersed in dense mats over damp substrates and on the sides of rivers.

This plant is very easy to grow and, hence, is a very good plant for beginner aquascapers.In order to grow this plant successfully, we only need to add water and preferrably, keep temperatures in the low end, i.e. around 22 – 25° Celsius. According to my experience, Java moss will grow with very minimum light, CO2, and fertilization.

Java moss is often used tied on rocks and driftwood to give the aquascape a sense of age. To attach Java moss use cotton threads or small fishing lines. I recommend using cotton threads as it will disintegrate right after Java moss has attached itself onto the wood or rock.

From my experience, lower temperature ranges promotes healthier, greener, and faster Java moss growth. String algae can become in issue when dosing or low flow tanks, use hydrogen peroxide to combat it.

Position: Tied to rock or Wood, Moss wall, Foreground (fronds planted into substrate)
Hardiness: Easy
Lighting Requirement: Low
Plant Structure: Moss
pH: 6.0 – 8.0
Temperature: 23 – 28° Celsius
Size: Infinite (keeps growing longer)
Growth Rate: Slow
Portion Size: 5cmx5cm on mesh, rock or similar lose

*Please note that all our plants have been grown submerged and are gathered from our own tanks. Follow all regular procedures of adding plants to a established tank or new setup. As these are from established tanks please make sure that you clean plants properly before adding. We will give a salt and peroxide dip before they go.


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