Coral Moss


Forms compact yet delicate cushions
Attaches itself to the hardscape
Very popular in aquascaping
Attached to 5cm wood disc

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Coral Moss (Riccardia chamedryfolia), also known as Mini Pellia, is a rare liverwort from Southeast Asia. This plant is a beautiful deep green that fares better in slightly higher lighting than many moss-like plants in the freshwater aquarium. Like many similar plants, it provides refuge for shrimp and fish fry and makes for an attractive and useful grazing area for shrimp. Coral Moss can easily be attached to driftwood and rockwork. It is slow-growing and requires low to moderate light and, with patience and care, will grow into an expansive, lush mat.

Position: Tied to rock or Wood, Moss wall, Foreground
Hardiness: Easy
Lighting Requirement: Low
Plant Structure: liverwort
pH: 6.0 – 8.0
Temperature: 20 – 28° Celsius
Size: Infinite (keeps growing longer)
Growth Rate: Slow
Portion Size: Attached about 5cm wood disc

*Please note that all our plants have been grown submerged and are gathered from our own tanks. Follow all regular procedures of adding plants to a established tank or new setup. As these are from established tanks please make sure that you clean plants properly before adding. We will give a salt and peroxide dip before they go.


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