Christmas moss


Densely ramifying
Horizontal growth habit
Attaches well to the substate
5cm x 5cm

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Christmas moss is easy to grow, adaptable and tolerant to a variety of tank conditions. It is slow growing, does not require extensive CO2 or fertilization. Ideal growth in cooler water with CO2 injection and moderate lighting. Unique triangular fronds, resembling a Christmas tree, visible in brighter light conditions. Fronds will grow to form a ‘fluffy’ blanket of moss. Lower light creates denser, more compact growth. Attach to rock or driftwood with glue. Propagate by cutting off excess growth, then reattach to new surface. Portion is around loose tennis ball size.

Position: Tied to rock or Wood, Moss wall, Foreground (fronds planted into substrate)
Hardiness: Easy
Lighting Requirement: Low
Plant Structure: Moss
pH: 6.0 – 8.0
Temperature: 20 – 28° Celsius
Size: Infinite (keeps growing longer)
Growth Rate: Slow
Portion Size: 5cm x 5cm

*Please note that all our plants have been grown submerged and are gathered from our own tanks. Follow all regular procedures of adding plants to a established tank or new setup. As these are from established tanks please make sure that you clean plants properly before adding. We will give a salt and peroxide dip before they go.


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