Chocolate Rabbit Snail – Tylomelania Zemis


Common Name: Chocolate Rabbit Snail
Scientific name: Tylomelania Zemis
Maximum Size: 5 – 8 cm (sold at 1 cm and up)
Temperament: Peaceful and solitary; will not engage with tankmates.
Breeding: Medium
Difficulty: Easy

Availability: 1 in stock

Like the more common golden rabbit snail and other snails from the genus Tylomelania, chocolate rabbit snails have an elongated pointy shell with an operculum. The shell is smooth and light brown, while the body features a more chocolatey color. An adult size of up to 10cm is not uncommon.

Sulawesi Snails thrive in very tropical temperatures around 25-28C. They seem to prefer harder water conditions with PH around 8.0, but they can adapt when properly acclimated to a pretty wide range of conditions. Tylomania are sexual and live bearing snails, so when kept with a male, the female Tylo will give birth to a single baby about once every 5 weeks. Tylomelania snails do reproduce in the aquarium but you won’t need to worry about overcrowding, though – it’s a pretty slow process. Only one baby snail is produced at a time, and this doesn’t happen very often. You will need a Male and Female Snail. Unfortunately there is now way to tell the sex of these snails. The offspring is nurtured in the mother snail’s pouch for quite a while before eventually being released. Initially it will be covered in an egg sack, but it won’t take long to emerge and head out in search of food.

Tylomelania are not particularly picky about food. They eat diatoms and other things found in the aquarium substrate as well as food provided for them such as crushed flake food and fresh veggies. Tylomelania are peaceful snails that can be kept with a wide range of tank mates. They do not bother baby fish or shrimp and so are not a threat to them. Care should be taken when putting Tylomelania in with fish as some more aggressive fish are prone to nip at their long antennae or large soft bodies. These snails max out around 7-9cm when fully grown and so should be kept in no less than 20l tanks. Rabbit Snails are ably to crossbreed.

Recommended :
PH: 6.5–8.0
TDS: 100–180
Water temp: 18-28C
Our Tanks :
PH : 7
TDS : 200
Temp : 26C
*Note: Our parameters are listed here for your reference only. You do not need to adjust your water to exactly the same; we find stable water is more important than exact parameters.

They eat algae and decaying plant matter, and they have also been known to munch on more delicate plants. They can mostly subsist on leftover fish/invertebrate flakes or pellets, but their diets should be occasionally supplemented with algae wafers and/or blanched vegetables such as zucchini, kale, spinach, or cucumber. A natural environment with leaf litter, mosses and plants provides the snails with everything they need for a staple diet.

Live Arrival Guarantee:
Should a snail die during transport, we will refund the cost of this snail. In such a case please inform us within an hour of delivery with a picture of the dead snail. If there was extensive damage to the packaging, we would be grateful for a picture of the box as well.

Please acclimatise them slowly in a container over a period of several hours, mixing your tank water with the water they came in, slowly increasing (drip with airline) the amount of tank water until you have a mixture of 1/3 transport and 2/3 tank water. Some Snails travel in no water, and can be placed directly into the tank.




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