Bucephalandra sp. Brown Ghost


Bucephalandra sp. “brown ghost”
Relatively large Bucephalandra form
Broad elliptic leaves with wavy edge
Dark green to red-brown tones
About 7-9 cm high
Sold lose min 2 stems with min 3 leaves per stem

Availability: 4 in stock

2 x stems loose/ttached to wood or rock

Bucephalandra sp. “Brown Ghost” has dark olive to brownish red leaves. The blades are elongated oval and slightly wavy at the edge. The dots on the upper side of the leaves, which are typical of the genus Bucephalandra, are clearly pronounced and are even more pronounced in the submerged culture. “Brown Ghost” forms a nice contrast to the light green species because of its almost reddish brown color.

Care of Bucephalandra:
Caring for the Buce plants is similar to the Anubias and Cryptocoryne species. Bucephalandra makes no great demands on the aquarium, they can also cope with little light and without the addition of Co². This, of course, extends the possible uses in the aquarium and so the plant also grows on the edges of the pool, which are normally least illuminated by the cover light. Bucephalandra grows much better and forms more intense colours from the more light and additional Co² is available. Bucephalandra species are very robust plants that can be planted in aquariums, terrariums and paludariums both underwater and above water. It only needs little to moderate light, thrives at almost any water value and can cope with a pH value between 5.0 – 8.0 and water temperatures of 20 – 28 ° C.

Position: Tied to rock or Wood, Moss wall, Foreground
Hardiness: Easy
Lighting Requirement: Low
Plant Structure: Araceae
pH: 6.0 – 8.0
Temperature: 20 – 28° Celsius
Size: 6 cm high
Growth Rate: Slow
Portion Size: Lose min 2 stems with min 3 leaves per stem

*Please note that all our plants have been grown submerged and are gathered from our own tanks. Follow all regular procedures of adding plants to a established tank or new setup. As these are from established tanks please make sure that you clean plants properly before adding. We will give a salt and peroxide dip before they go. The image used above is for illustration purposes only. Garnale Garden sells only the best bucephalandra in South Africa.


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